Emotions and Dinosaurs

Here's a (nearly finished) painting I'm making for my daughters fourth birthday. I am hoping that representing emotions as dinosaurs will help help her (us) learn (remember) that emotions are temporary, transient things that don't define how we will feel forever. And it is fun to name nearly everything with an "saurus" after it and make wacky made-up-osauruses.

I chose fear, joy, sad, anger, peaceful and powerful as the main emotions. In order to highlight the interdependent and connected nature of feelings I surrounded the primary emotionsaurs with bunches of playful dino-esque characters. We've been having fun naming, creating stories and adventures for all of the emotionsaurs. She is especially enthralled by the pooposaurus. 


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2015 Flightless Bird holiday present for my kiddo.

My 30 month old daughter loves animals, and recently became fascinated with flightless birds. So, during mid-October to late December I made her some paintings for christmas. Upon opening the box she immediately, I like to think, expressed her delight in the gift by rubbing each paintings face with a small plastic dinosaur toy. 

I can't describe how much I love this kid.

hope you like them too...

These are all watercolor and gouache on 9 x 12 inch 140 pound hot press arches.  


Flightless Cormorant




Is this going to be a long story?

Here is another piece. 
pardon the potato quality photo...

random collage

from 2008 or so, when I worked with scanners, tifs and photoshop actions.

2009/10 holiday drawings.

a couple  of three drawings I made in 09 and 10. My favorite, by an inestimable amount of far is the top image, (made on on the ppls paper: kraft). Consists of a bunch of duhrer samples I mushed together into meaninglessfullness.



scaveging uncovered....

found these whilst looking through the folders of yore..

2008 on taped together grocery bags, or some suck scrap paper.
Large for me like 3 feet long and 18 inches high.

2012 holiday sticker, adorned pickled jalapenos.



Break to room sketch

0400 and more on progress...

in progress; done

Made for Blaergs new album...but doesn't look like it'll be used for that. darn.
here's what he used instead: blaerg id.entity.

covered in tape

A collage-y cover for the cassette release "Bramble-Cycle Stasis"
I heart magnets.

In progress 3

In the X-ray slash break room @ werk. Almost done...

In progress 2

Still working. Working still.
(begin the photoshop manipulation/start working in the box? or, keep it paper...?)

mas y mas

civil war now

more propaganderbation...

a stab at sequential,


In my scouring of past creative output ran across my attempts, however brief, at being hyperbolically politiqué. These three were stickers. yay.


additional before 3


more, earlier, stuff.